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Bendix® BlindSpotter®
Side Object Detection System.

Bendix® BlindSpotter®
Side Object Detection System.
Wider coverage, more features.

Bendix BlindSpotter gives drivers an extra set of eyes on the road. With over a decade of proven highway
performance, and now with even greater range*, the radar-based system, along with mirrors and safe drivers, affordably
and reliably helps your fleet reduce side-swipe collisions.

*When connected to the vehicle J1939 CAN

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Your drivers will benefit the most with the
Bendix® BlindSpotter® Side Object Detection System.

The highway-proven BlindSpotter system features an upgraded radar with an even wider field of view.
It provides actionable information and, coming soon, will be capable of integrating with Bendix® Wingman® Fusion
collision mitigation technology.”

BlindSpotter is part of the ever-growing portfolio of Bendix technologies that deliver on safety, reliability,
performance, and lower total cost of ownership.

Spec BlindSpotter as part of your next new truck order, or upgrade your current fleet through our retrofit program.
For full details, or a system demo, contact your Bendix account representative.

Bendix BlindSpotter. Who’s watching your blind spot?

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