Updated radar. Updated camera. Updated brakes.
Bendix® Wingman® Fusion, now with new performance.

More... Better... New!

Featuring enhanced collision mitigation braking capabilities, Bendix® Wingman® Fusion
also includes these features:

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)
  • Multi-lane Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Highway Departure Braking (HDB)
  • Stationary Vehicle Braking (SVB)
  • Active Cruise with Braking (ACB) - Stop & Driver Go
  • ACB Auto-Resume

Fusion also helps drivers mitigate potential rollover and loss-of-control situations because it incorporates the power
and reliability of our Bendix® ESP® full stability program as a foundation.

Through ongoing dialogue and field research, Bendix understands what's important to your fleet. It's that
knowledge that helps drive our development, and why our flagship Bendix Wingman Fusion system has now
been enhanced with you in mind. Fusion - the commercial vehicle market's first integrated advanced driver
assistance system - adds enhanced braking power and collision mitigation capabilities, additional driver assistance
features, and more integration potential to create a system that does even more - and does it better - for your

Note: Because each truck manufacturer may implement differing feature sets of Bendix Wingman Fusion, please check
with your OE or dealer to determine what features and performance capabilities are available on your vehicle(s).

Help protect your fleet with the next-generation
Bendix® Wingman® Fusion collision mitigation system.

Enhanced Collision Mitigation

This feature of the Wingman Fusion system is triggered by a slower moving vehicle ahead. Fusion's combined video, radar, and braking system - at low vehicle speeds - can automatically apply full foundation brakes to help mitigate, or lessen the severity of, a potential collision.


Vehicles equipped with some previous versions of Wingman Fusion can be upgraded with new or enhanced features. Since vehicle architectures and system designs vary across OE nameplates and vehicle models, please check with your Bendix account manager to see if your vehicles can be upgraded.

Making a Difference, Staying Safe

Most major North American truck brands offer Wingman Fusion as standard on their highway tractors. Since 2015, North American fleets, equipping their tractors with Bendix Wingman collision mitigation technologies, have reported significant reductions in rear-end collisions - by as much as 90% - as well as decreased severity of those that did occur. The men and women behind the wheel share positive feedback, including higher satisfaction with radar and camera assistance systems than with radar only technologies, especially when it comes to false alerts and interventions.

Assistance When You Need it. Near Elimination of False Alerts &

Enhanced Wingman Fusion takes functionality to the next level. Other solutions in the market today use independent component technologies, however, without true integration - plus the unique new safety capabilities that help make Wingman Fusion the leader in collision mitigation technology - they simply can't offer the same level of premier performance. Fusion's combination of complementary technologies not only uses multiple sensors to confirm objects, but the sensors use different technologies. With the Fusion camera using visual images, and the radar using radio waves to create a cross-checked, highly accurate picture ahead of the vehicle, the system nearly eliminates false alerts and activations and can act earlier - with robust interventions - when needed.

Proven Technologies Made Even Better

You can be confident in the Bendix Wingman Fusion system, because at its core are tried and true technologies that have performed reliably for many years and hundreds of millions of miles. Fusion builds on the proven technology of the Bendix® ESP® full-stability system, while also adding aspects of the leading-edge Bendix® Wingman® Advanced collision mitigation and AutoVue® Lane Departure Warning systems.

Bendix® Wingman® Fusion offers fleets real
"one-stop shopping" convenience with a
better-performing safety system supported by a single

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