Rollaway and runaway accidents don’t have to happen.

Driver inadvertently forgets to set the parking brake…

This scene is more common than you might think: a driver steps down from their tractor and walks away. Moments later, out of view, the tractor starts to roll because the driver didn’t set the parking brake. Incidents like this can be damaging – or worse, deadly. Not only do they come at great cost in terms of money and resources, but they can also damage a fleet’s reputation. But they don’t have to happen. Intellipark™ electronic parking brake technology by Bendix® can help make these kinds of accidents – and their repercussions – a thing of the past.

Intellipark® from Bendix backs up the driver…

Intellipark is a new electronic parking brake system designed to help drivers prevent rollaway and runaway crashes caused by an improperly set or accidentally disengaged parking brake. Intellipark replaces the manual air parking brake buttons with easy-to-apply electronic switches. The system can automatically set the parking brake if the driver exits the vehicle without doing so, helping to deliver safety, value, and a quick return on investment to fleets.

Keep in mind, the Intellipark electronic parking brake does not replace the driver’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle’s parking brake is engaged when parking the truck. Intellipark backs up the driver's primary safe parking practices.

Advanced driver assistance systems, such as Intellipark™, offer fleets the opportunity to reduce the likelihood of accidents and improve insight through advanced data gathering and analytics.

With an ever-growing portfolio of leading-edge safety technologies, Bendix advanced driver assistance systems are a critical enhancement to driver and fleet success. Along with performance in the field and unparalleled post-sales support, Bendix technologies can help increase ROI, as well as lower total cost of vehicle ownership – all while making North America’s roadways safer for everyone.

As the main parking brake valve supplier to the North American market (over 95% share, in fact), Bendix designed Intellipark to have the same or greater robustness as the current pneumatic dash valves. With a comprehensive understanding of the pertinent industry regulations, Bendix continues to be the trusted supplier to the commercial vehicle sector.

It’s a fact, rollaway and runaway accidents happen.
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