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What you need to know about friction temperature ratings.

Select the right friction—for performance, service life and safety—by understanding heat transfer in braking

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Everyday DIY: Taking Care of the Air

You like saving money, right? Well did you know that a properly maintained air treatment system can help save thousands of dollars in costly service and vehicle downtime?

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Designing Disc Brakes for Trailers

How Bendix built on the industry leading ADB22X to design an air disc brake specifically for trailers...

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The Importance of a Properly Greased Slack Adjuster

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Tech Tips

Technical advice on the topics that matter most.

Improving Performance and Brake Life through Proper Preventive Maintenance

Paying attention to a few key details during a routine brake job can have a major impact on keeping trucks on the road, reducing maintenance costs, and improving safety.

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Advice on Choosing, Inspecting and Installing Remanufactured Parts

Selecting quality remanufactured parts begins with the right sourcing – knowing what to look for, and knowing what questions to ask the parts supplier.

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Learn about Brake School

Log-on and learn from the best 24/7/365. Visit

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Truck Talk with Bendix

Listen in to the Bendix perspective on key industry topics.

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Position Papers

The Fleet Safety Equation (Part 1)

The Fleet Safety Equation framework provides a starting point for thinking about fleet safety in its entirety, enabling an open conversation to develop an optimal solution that fits the needs or operating profile of a particular fleet.

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Road Map for the Future—An Update on Stability Since 2009

Since our initial position paper on electronic stability control (ESC) eight years ago, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has mandated full stability on commercial vehicles. Here’s what you need to know.

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‘Genuine’ Products are Critical to Highway Safety

For Bendix, leading the battle against counterfeit and knock-off parts is key to ensuring the performance of safety technologies.

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